High Density

In-fix® High Density shelving system consists of sliding rail shelving units, using only one rail in order to maximise the use of the storage area. By reducing service aisles to a minimum, this system can increase storage capacity by up to 90% relative to traditional stationary shelving. Instead of several aisles between rows of shelving, the In-fix® High Density system needs only one aisle for the customer to access all of the mobile shelving bays.

Our systems can be used in different environments such as cold rooms, freezer rooms, food storage rooms or in hospitals for linen, pharmaceutical and medical products storage. Suitable for food and ambient products.


Each bay of mobile units is operated manually with a mechanical hand wheel located on the side of the frame, enabling the shelving to glide along the guide rail. In-fix® High Density is easy to assemble, also suitable for developing large areas, and is compatible with all In-fix® shelving models. In-fix® High Density is made entirely in stainless steel (Inox Standard) or is also available with polypropylene shelves (Eco-inox and Eco-color).